Hi everyone.  It’s been a while since I have posted an update.  I have a lot of random thoughts I wanted to throw out there:

First, I realized I did not update everyone on my last lab report after the  2nd round of chemo.  As a reminder, I have to go in 7 – 10 days after chemo for blood work.  That particular appointment was fairly uneventful.   They draw blood and then you sit and wait for the results before you are allowed to leave.  The nurse came out and told us (Ed and I) that my white cell count was high.  Apparently, that is what you would expect since I had the Neulasta shot which increases your wide blood cell count.  And then they told me I was “slightly” anemic.  I guess my red blood cell count was “11” and they were looking for “12 plus”.  Not a big deal, so I was told I was good to go.

How have I been feeling?  Good.  But, the only issue as of late  is I have had bad sinus issues.  For those of you that have talked with me recently is it sounds like I am sick.  But I assure you, I feel better than I sound.  I typically have terrible allergies but this is a little different.  One of the two chemo drugs I am taking can cause sinus issues/infections.  The first round I actually thought it was more likely my typical allergies, but when it happened again the same exact time and the same exact way, I then knew it was related to the chemo regimen.  I talked with the doctor about it and basically learned that unless I had a fever (which I haven’t) and were really “down and out”, they were not going to give me anything to clear it up.  So, I am trying to manage the symptoms and Ed has to deal with some snoring occasionally.

So, as you all know, we shaved my head on Mother’s Day.  It’s been about a week where I have been wearing scarves.  I am getting in the groove and starting to get used to it.  I have my workout look and then have some nicer scarves for the going out look.  While I have no hair, and taking a shower and getting ready takes a lot less time, I am finding that “extra” time is taken up by trying to match a scarf with my outfit and coordinating jewelry.  I am guessing with practice I will be able to reduce that amount of time.  And, although my hair is ridiculously short, I am still losing it.  I guess I really will be “slap rock” bald before this is over.

The other day I was at the athletic club working out and was in the women’s locker room talking about my situation to a woman I know.  Another woman overheard our conversation and came right up to me and without notice gave me a hug.  Wow.  She announced she was a survivor. She goes on to tell me she was diagnosed with breast cancer at 68 and is currently 70 and has been cancer free for 2 years.  She was immediately open with her experience and even shared her surgery scars with me – someone she just met.  It’s interesting – but I have just joined a club I never asked to join – but a club of women that are passionate about this disease and finding a cure.

We have a big week ahead.  I have chemo round 3 on Thursday.  I typically do it on Wednesday but asked to push it out one day so I could enjoy Gracie’s end of the school year party on Wednesday.  So, chemo on Thursday and the Neulasta shot on Friday.  We will keep everyone posted.  As always, thanks for all of the positive thoughts and prayers.  Almost half way there!


  1. Mary Johnson says:

    Hope you had a great weekend!!!!! I can’t believe I haven’t seen the new do up close and personal yet!!!

    The halfway mark is almost here… YAY!!!! Continuing many prayers… even put you on the prayer list at church.


  2. Don Winland says:

    Hey kiddo,

    Ed’s uncle Don.. Been keeping up with your progress with your site and with Ed’s mom Barb.. You are really looking fantastic.. Hang in there!

    Love Don and Lorraine..

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