Surgery on the Horizon

Since my last post I have had two doctor’s appointments.  Last week Thursday I had my every 3 week Herceptin treatment.  It was originally scheduled on Wednesday, but I pushed it back a day so we could stay one day longer in Pensacola.

As I drove to that appointment, my car really wanted to head to the radiation oncologist because that’s what I did for 28 days!  Seriously, when I drive to the Northside Hospital area (for those of you that know Atlanta) I really have to think which doctor I am heading to that particular time.  I have so many!  Anyway, I headed to my oncologist’s office, checked in, and waited a brief period before I was called back to the lab.  They “accessed my port” and I was quickly escorted to the infusion or chemo room.  It was fairly empty this particular morning.  I was assigned a nurse and an area as I always am.  I quickly found a chair without anyone around it.  Perfect.  They always have great volunteers.  On my regular Wednesday visit, it’s a woman.  On Thursday’s, it’s a gentleman.  He quickly approached me and asked if I needed a blanket, pillow, and/or water.  You feel like you are at the Ritz Carlton.  Well, sort of.  Now that I am only there for Herceptin, it’s a pretty quick appointment compared to when I was there for chemotherapy.  But it was a cold morning, so I graciously accepted a warm blanket.  The appointment went as expected without too much drama.  The only fun thing to witness was a couple of patients to the right of me, several chairs down.  They were right next to each other.  A man roughly in his 60’s and a woman in her 70’s.  She was on her cell phone talking loudly.  There always has to be one, right?  I could hear her pretty clearly from where I was sitting.  I didn’t understand a thing she was saying because it was in Spanish.  The man was trying to enjoy his newspaper.  After a while, the man finally had it.  Out loud he made it known he was irritated she was on the phone holding a lengthy conversation.  He also pointed out the “do not talk on your cellphone” signs throughout the room.  But, to no avail.  While I was watching it all go down, a nurse finally picked up on his irritability and encouraged him to move to another chair.  So he unplugged his IV machine, grabbed all his stuff, and walked to the other side of the room.  That was the drama in the chemo room.  I finished my treatment and was in and out in a little over an hour.

This morning (Wednesday) I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon.  I have not seen him since November, right before I started radiation.  So, today was my post-radiation follow-up appointment.  It went really well and I am happy to report we have a plan.  He told me that I responded very well to radiation i.e. my skin looks good.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, he said it was a 10.  Apparently he sees some serious skin burns and deformities from radiation.  So, I was pleased.  He wants to schedule surgery in April.  I will be working with his office to work through the details and will keep you all posted.  I’m anxious to get that on the books.  That surgery will be to remove the expanders (or spacers), put in the implants, remove my port (I will schedule it after my last Herceptin treatment) and he will deal with some other little details.  That’s a big milestone that I look forward to!

Hard to believe, but next week I don’t have a doctor’s appointment related to breast cancer.  Amazing.  The following week I have an echo cardiogram, a Herceptin treatment, and an appointment with the Oncologist.  Will stay in touch.  Thanks to all of you that keep following me and my story.


  1. Wow, so great to hear that the finally is close. Glad to see your spirits are a bright as ever.
    Let’s get together soon.


  2. melissa, sean and lydia says:

    Sounds like good news for sure!!

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