Round 2

Twas the night before chemo, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.  Just kidding!

Ed and I both are gearing up for tomorrow.  I am happy to report that I did get a good workout in today, got the car detailed (not sure why since it’s supposed to rain), did a grocery store run, washed laundry, and managed to run a couple of more errands.  It’s been a busy day for the Gaile girls!  I’ve told some of you or maybe I have mentioned this before, but I find that I “nest” before a chemo round.  I’ve got to have everything in order since I know I will be down for several days.

Good news.  My hair is still around.  But, not for long.  At the rate it is coming out, and with chemo tomorrow, I estimate I will be shaving it off  the end of the weekend or maybe I can stretch it (with a scarf or hat) into next week.  We shall see.  I did get the pre-tied scarves in the mail yesterday.  Oh, it’s weird.  I tried them on again this morning and liked them better than I did yesterday.  It’s just getting used to it.  I also found a video on-line and figured out how to tie the scarves that I have.  I still need to practice some, but made some progress today.

Gracie is really doing well under the circumstances.  We continue to include her in this process and are working hard to communicate with her at an appropriate level and at the appropriate time.  She knows mommy’s hair is going to fall out, but like many I am sure she is hoping it’s really not.  As we get closer, we’ve been talking about it more and including her in the scarve shopping and tieing lessons.  Cute story.  When I put Gracie to bed tonight I walked her through the day tomorrow.  I wanted to be sure she knew what to expect.  Here is what she said to me:

“I don’t like this strong medicine anymore, mommy.  I’m going to throw it away.  But how am I going to throw it away if I am not at the doctor’s?  Maybe I need my own car so I can get to the doctor’s and throw it away.”

We laughed.  I reminded her that mommy needs the strong medicine to make her better.

We are ready for tomorrow (as ready as we can be) and will keep everyone posted.  Thanks for all the kind words, thoughts, and prayers!  Ed and I are extremely appreciative!


  1. Gracie is such a blessing during this time. You are so strong Meredith! Always in my prayers…


  2. Ashley from Heymans! says:

    AWE! My Sweet Gracie Girl! She’s the best; that sweet thing…
    I don’t like that I haven’t been around as of late… You look AMAZING! You hottie you. I think of you so often, Meredith. Tell Ed I need to start the blog cause WHOA this new job is hilarious….well to me it is. I miss you!

  3. Mary Johnson says:

    I LOVE Gracie’s determination!!!! Hmmm, wonder where she gets it from?? LOL!!!

    Praying for all of you as always…


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