Thank You!

First of all we would like to send out a huge Thank You to everyone for the flowers, food, texts, emails, and all around positive mojo sent our way.  We are blessed to have such great family and friends.  The support means more than you can ever imagine.

Meredith is doing good with her recovery so far.  We are still trying to figure everything out but Meredith is frustrated things are progressing so slow and that she needs more help than she thought she would.  She has limited range of motion which basically consists of standing, sitting/laying down and walking (still looks like Bobby Cox).  Of course I am not sure what Wonder Woman was expecting – cart wheels three days after major surgery?

I have a new found respect for anyone who has had to give a sponge bath.

We have a follow up appointment with the reconstruction surgeon on Wednesday.  Hopefully all will look well and she will have an outpatient procedure to remove her four JP drains.  Speaking of the drains – it is a good thing I am not squeamish as it is my thrice daily ritual to clean/empty her drains.  For those curious – more information on what JP drains are can be found here.

Gracie has been struggling to process everything going on with mommy.  She has been acting more silly than usual to compensate for her worrying.  It also seems to be manifesting in her sleeping habits.    So needless to say, sleep has not been a commodity in large supply lately.

We are taking it day by day and making progress.  Will continue to keep everyone posted.


  1. I Love the picture of Gracie! She is just too cute. All of you have many dear friends and family that care deeply for your family. The Power of Prayer can be very powerful. I am so glad to here things continue to move in a positive direction. I can’t even imagine what Meredith is going through but I do know that she is in the best care!!! Good results for Wednesday!!!

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    So glad there is progress, every day closer to being 100%!!! LOVE the pic!!!! I know sweet Gracie is happy to have Mommy and Daddy home! Laughing, about the Wonder Woman comment!!! 🙂

    Sponge baths, draining drains, etc. A wonderful husband you are indeed Ed Gaile!

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