Radiation Follow-Up

Hi to all.  This morning I met with my Radiation Oncologist. It was my 6 week follow-up appointment following my last radiation treatment.  It was a really quick appointment.  The nurse took my vitals (all in good shape) and then I met with the doctor for maybe 10 minutes.  She did a physical exam of my breasts, more specifically my right breast that was radiated, and gave me an “all looks great”.  Based on the comments from my Plastic Surgeon and then today from my Radiation Oncologist, I am gathering that my body and my skin handled radiation relatively well.  That’s great news.  She told me I was in good hands with my other team of physicians; to hold onto her contact information if I ever were to need her.  My comment was something like, “I appreciate all you have done for me, but hope I never see you again”.  She laughed and said she understood.

This week (on the same day), two women I follow (or followed) on Twitter died of breast cancer.  Honestly, it was a really emotional day for me.  It just hit way too close too home.  Both women were young and were fighters.  I had never met these women personally, but it was amazing the connection I felt to them.  The power of social media.  The power of the breast cancer community.  And, just a really strong reminder that this disease kills.  It sucks.  We need a cure.


  1. Mary George says:

    Thinking of you today and sending hugs to you, Ed and Gracie!

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    I Always love hearing that you received great news! Laughing at your comment to the radiation oncologist, LOL!

    Sad to hear about the loss of two of your “sisters” in this battle! I can only imagine how that resonated in you… Every day is a gift for each one of us! Keep your positive spirit up, My Friend, and know that you have many supporting you and praying for you!


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