Radiation #1

So today was the big day.  My first radiation treatment was this morning.

My parents are visiting so my dad rode along with me to drop Gracie off at school. Then of we went to the Radiation Oncologist.  We arrived a little early but they called me back rather quickly.  The entire appointment was 15 minutes – from the time we walked in to the time we were walking to the car.  My dad said he barely had time to open up a magazine.

It went just as it did yesterday during my “dress rehearsal.”  Only this time it was the real thing.  They radiated my right breast at three different angles.  I would describe it like getting an x-ray:  the Techs got me all set up, they left the room, the machine lined up, and it appeared they pressed a button that created that x-ray sound.  The machine moved to another angle – repeat.  The machine moved again to the third and final angle – repeat.  The Techs then came back in the room.  It seemed like about 30-45 seconds on each area. Later they told me it isn’t timed, but rather a specific dose.  I thought I would see the lasers entering my body, but I didn’t.

When the radiation was done, I got “inked.”  They gave me three “tats” as Ed likes to call them or tattoos.  Well sort of.  They are tiny, freckle size dots.  If you didn’t know where to look for them you wouldn’t see them.  You know the needle they use when you get your finger pricked for a blood test?  That was the size and type of needle that they used.  There is a “tat” on the top of my right breast and one on each of my sides.  They use them to make sure I am level and to line me up.  Now that I am permanently marked, it allowed me to scrub off all of the black sharpie marks all over my chest.

The appointment and process was quick and painless.  So much so it makes you wonder how it works.

1 down.  27 to go.




  1. Mary Johnson says:

    Quick and painless! That is awesome! I know each one will be like that now, and this phase will be over before you know it! So glad it was so uneventful!!!! Keeping the prayers going!

  2. Dana Craven says:

    It’s a marathon – steady as she goes. Take it from me. Sometimes it takes a while to fight something, but that’s okay. Gals in our family have endurance – Sydney is proof!! Strength isn’t always in our muscles, but in our hearts and souls. Just one day at a time will do it. No more is needed. One day at a time. Love you.

  3. Melissa Bryson says:

    Dang! I was so super excited as I read your post…all the way to the point where you said 27 more to go! You are amazing and a trooper and an example to us all. I only hope you have some semblance of a Thanksgiving and with all you have been through, still find a way to give thanks. It seems to get harder every year but I am so thankful to know someone so strong to give me faith that in your shoes, I might be able to dredge up 1/100 of the courage you put forth.

  4. Hola!
    So glad to hear this was painless and fairly quick. We miss you guys and need to get together soon.


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