What a day yesterday.  Meredith was on the physical roller coaster and I was on the mental “Great American Scream Machine“.

When we were settled in our room, Meredith was given every drug she wanted to help make her comfortable and get some good sleep.  Nurses are funny – if you are the patient and need anything they are like “Honey, I have all kinds of stuff we can hook you up with to make you comfortable/sleep, you just tell me what you need”.  (side note – if you are not the patient and try to request anything you are SOL)

You would think that hearing the nurses come in every hour during the night and scurry around would be annoying.  That was not the case for me.  It was actually comforting to know the nursing unit was on top of making sure all was well with Meredith.  Having been “on guard” all day, I believe that is what contributed to allowing myself to drift off to sleep for maybe 4 hours.

This morning and afternoon have been a flurry of activity.  The breast and reconstruction surgeons checked in to see how Meredith was doing.  The constant rotation of nurses and hospital services.  Meredith actually got up and walked around a few times today.  To be honest it sort of looked like Bobby Cox coming out of the Braves dugout to make a pitching change – but hey she was up and at em!  Her appetite has been good and she has been able to eat breakfast and lunch with no problems.  Everyone who has seen her today has commented on how good she looks.  Even with all of the constant activity, she has been able to get in two good naps and as I write this I think I see a third one starting.  The only issue we have been dealing with today is that Meredith is extremely itchy.  So we are trying to see if it is a reaction to one of the meds.

I can not say enough good things about the team of doctors we have assembled as well as the entire staff in the Northside Women’s Center.  They truly are a world class act.

Speaking for myself, when you first hear the diagnosis you feel alone as a couple.  “How are we going to deal with this”?  “What do we do now”?  And slowly as you learn about the disease, do your research and have your consultations you start to build your team of physicians, the staff in the doctor’s offices you visit constantly rally behind you,  your family rallies, your friends rally, people you have never met rally.  Before you know it you have a battalion of rockstar people with one singular focus…to help get you through this tough time.  I would be lying if I said I have not shed a tear at the overwhelming thought of that.

We are definitely here again tonight – and yes that does mean I will again be performing my best “planking” imitation.


  1. Meredith and Ed,

    Glad things went/are going well. Waking like Bobby Cox is not so bad and only temporary. Get some rest.

    With love from the Waters Family

  2. Stacey Shekerow says:

    You guys are both MEGA Rockstars!!! I know it was an incredibly long day for you guys yesterday, but it should be better each day now for the next stage of the journey – every day a little less tense, a little greater sense of well being as you head for that beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. Gosh, we love you guys – daily thoughts and prayers continue!!!

  3. Meredith is an inspiration and, well, you can always crack me up…you guys make it easy to rally behind you! You are wonderful people and friends. Here’s hoping to a good night’s sleep. Love you guys!

  4. Mary Johnson says:

    I agree with Alpa, you guys do make it easy to rally 🙂 You both are such an amazing inspiration of strength, courage, grace, and even humor in the midst of tough times!!!!! I hope you both got much needed rest last night and that you are on track to come home today!!! I know a little girl who is going to be so excited to see the two of you 🙂

  5. Becky McAvoy says:

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers as you have been since the journey began. BIG HUGS!!! Love you all.

  6. Silvia Burgoon says:

    I disagree. you’re a great writer…i can’t believe it but you’ve made me laugh out loud in both your blogs so far….
    hoping and praying for a smooth recovery for M!!
    logs of HUGS!!!

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