Pathology Report

Meredith’s breast surgeon called today and had the results of her post surgery pathology report.  She had nothing but the best news we could have hoped for!  Some of the report details:

  • Final tumor mass was approximately 2.5 cm.  When first diagnosed the tumor was measured at approximately 4 cm.  That tells us that the chemotherapy definitely did it’s job.
  • There were clear margins around the tumor at least 1 cm out all around.
  • Only one sentinel lymph node was removed and there were no cancer cells present
  • The left breast (one without the tumor) had some atypical cells found in it – which basically verifies the decision to remove both breasts.
  • For all intensive purposes this means no radiation will be needed.

There is still a long road to recovery in front of her, but this news puts the mind at ease and can allow Meredith to fully focus on getting better.


  1. Such wonderful news!!! Can’t ask for anything more than read this terrific news!! Hope Meredith is continuing to rest well. Thinking of you guys always.

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    Whoo-hoo! AWESOME NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know you are both relieved!!!! I can’t wait to celebrate!!!!
    Sounds like everything could not have gone any better!!!

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