Another Treatment Down

On Wednesday I had my every 3 week Herceptin treatment.  I dropped Gracie off at school and headed to my appointment.  I didn't have to meet with the … [Continue reading]

My Valentine’s

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  I know not everyone does, but I find it to be a very sweet holiday.  It's one of my favorites really.  I spent the day with my … [Continue reading]

Radiation Follow-Up

Hi to all.  This morning I met with my Radiation Oncologist. It was my 6 week follow-up appointment following my last radiation treatment.  It was a … [Continue reading]

The Journey Continues

It's been a while since my last post and I have so much to say! So, let me  start with the basics:  A week ago Monday I went in for an echo … [Continue reading]

10 Things I Learned About Dealing with Breast Cancer

(Ladies and Gentlemen - the IT department (aka Meredith's husband Ed) has popped in for a guest post) - colorful language warning There are so many … [Continue reading]

Surgery on the Horizon

Since my last post I have had two doctor's appointments.  Last week Thursday I had my every 3 week Herceptin treatment.  It was originally scheduled … [Continue reading]