One Week Away

The countdown has begun to September 6th.  We are exactly one week away from surgery and as of today have completed all of the pre-testing and pre-surgery paperwork…I think anyway.  Now I am focused on getting ready.  I just picked up some prescriptions that I need post-surgery (antibiotics, more pain medication, and muscle relaxers); antibacterial soap (who knew I had to bathe myself in it for a week before surgery; interesting) and I am on the pursuit for some camisoles.  More than you probably wanted to know but I don’t think I will be in bras for a while.  My anxiety level is fairly high.  For those of you that really know me, it’s like my pre-leaving town routine.  I feel like I need to get everything done, in order, and squared away before I go into surgery.  Every day is filled with working on”the list.”  I am making good progress but have more to go!

A few random things to pass along:

Last week was a good week without any doctor’s appointments.  That’s a first since March! It was a nice break for both me and Ed before they kick back up again.

I’ve had some weird post chemo side effects.  I have heard from others that have gone through chemo that strange things happen after your body goes through that type of process.  Makes sense.  I guess I was hoping I would be different.  Nope.  I’ve had some strange body pain.  Kind of arthritic feeling.  I describe it like I wake up feeling like I worked out really hard the day before and lifted some serious weights – when that was not the case at all.  Some days are better than others.  Working out (when I can squeeze it in) and yoga have helped.  I also have a bad case of “chemo nails”.  Yuck.  I have a darker, neutral polish on them now covering them up, but one of them is really black and blue and the others have the white nail bruises on them.  I think I am on the way to losing at least one of them, maybe more.  Not fun but if I do lose them, they will grow back.

We had raw sushi (tuna) for the first time in months this past weekend.  Yum.

Gracie starts back to school tomorrow.  She is so excited which makes it easy for mommy and daddy.  I am glad I will be available for her the first few days of school – getting her there, walking her into her classroom, and picking her up.  Tomorrow while she is in school, I am back to the Oncologist for my every 3 week Herceptin treatment.  The following day I have what I am calling a pre-surgery massage (overdue!) and on Friday while she is in school I am having a pre-surgery manicure and pedicure.  Have to look good while in surgery, right?

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of me and our family.  I received a card in the mail today from a friend. On the front it read, “Be fierce.”  On the inside it read, “If this cancer thing thinks that it can get the best of you, it clearly doesn’t know who it’s messing with.  Be strong.  Be positive.  Be you.  ‘Cause nothing’s going to keep you down.”  Perfect timing.  Thank You.

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