One to Go!

I am so happy to report that Chemo round 5 is just about over.  I won’t quite declare it officially over until all of the side effects have come and gone.  But, we are close!

Here’s what has been going on since my last post:  Last Wednesday started early for the Gaile’s.  After dropping off Gracie at a friends house, Ed and I arrived at Georgia Cancer Specialists at 8:30 a.m.  They called me back to the lab rather quickly, took all my vitals, got the needle in my port, and off we went to the chemo room.  I was the first patient to arrive, was assigned to a nurse I really like, and then selected the best seat in the house…a

Seat with a view

corner seat with a view of the room.  That’s what I am talking about.  You know what they say about real estate, it’s all about location!  Slowly other patients started trickling in.  There were only a couple individuals to note:  (1) a young guy that was getting set up shortly after me.  His mother was with him.  Ed was still in there with me when he arrived and we thought based on what we heard that he was going to be a “puker.”  I guess he had a reaction to something he was given during his last chemo treatment.  I am happy to report he made it through his treatment without a problem.  And then there was (2) the “chatty Kathy.”  She was an older lady that was in the chemo room with me last go around.  Let’s just say she talks non-stop.  Even the nurses get annoyed with her.  This time, I watched the man next to her get up during his treatment and move to another recliner far away from her.  That’s how much she talks.  He couldn’t take it anymore.  Anyway, overall it was fairly uneventful.  I do have to mention that once I was done, as always, the nurse checked my vitals and removed the needle from my port.  But this time, when she removed the bandage that was holding it in place it reminded me of the scene from 40 Year Old Virgin (the movie) where he gets his chest hair waxed.  It hurt so bad it felt like I was going to go through the roof…and it left a mark!

While I had time (ha), I did take some pictures from the chemo room just in case you were curious.  I know, nice.

With help from my driver (Ed), I went back in Thursday afternoon for the Neulasta shot which boosts my white blood cell count and helps me fight infection.  It was a pretty quick appointment and again, uneventful.

It’s really all about when the side effects show up and of course, they did.  But the good news is they were not nearly as bad as the last cycle.  I was tired (slept most of Friday and Saturday) and “fuzzy”, but the nausea stayed away this time.  I also noticed that Sunday was the best Sunday I have had during a chemo treatment cycle.  I am not exactly sure why but think it had to do with me more proactively medicating this go around.  I was consistent with my anti-nausea pills and pain medicine.  That seemed to keep the pain and nausea at bay.  However, even with the pain medicine, I did wake up each morning with pain around my lower back and hips.  Gracie said to me this morning, “mommy, you are walking kind of slow.”  It must be what it feels like to wake up with arthritis…it just takes you a little while to get going.

Port Meredith

July is going to be a busy month with oncology appointments, a follow-up with the breast surgeon, final chemo round (yeah!), and three plastic surgeon consultations.  Get ready for some good reports!

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July!


  1. melissa says:

    Good to hear your round was not “so” bad. Lydia really had a fun time with Gracie on Sunday….. She said, “out of all the little girls I know, Gracie I think is my favorite…,, and she has the cutest big eyes.” So sweet… cousin love!

  2. So glad that you had a little better time of it this go round – home stretch is in sight – hooray!!! I know it’s important to try to get everything researched and in order as quickly as possible, but I bet you’ll find the search for the surgeon and getting all the rest arranged much easier to focus on once this last round of chemo is over. I continue to be in awe of how strong you are, Meredith. You will get through all of this with flying colors and will be the new idol/inspiration for the women of Vinings.

    Continue to think of you daily,

  3. Becky McAvoy says:

    Extremely happy to hear the good reports from the Gaile house. You’re doing great! Keeping you and the family in my prayers. Hugs around.


  4. Love your sweater! MOM

  5. So glad you are doing well an sorry I have been out of touch. Just got back last night from a week at Oxford University for a meeting with some of the world’s best researchers about breast and ovarian cancer. Hoping we get to a time soon when this disease is a thing of the past, but until then, I find myself telling others about your strength, courage, and grace…an example we should all follow…cancer or not. You are a rock star!

  6. Mary Johnson says:

    Glad this part is almost over and that you fared better for Round 5!!!! I hope you are relaxing and enjoying yourself in Pensacola!

    We will certainly keep up the prayers, and I know you will keep up that amazing strength and positive attitude that you’ve had your entire journey through this! Looking forward to seeing you when you get back!

    Round 6, look out! You are messing with Meredith Gaile!!!!!!!


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