One Down Three To Go

We had our first followup appointment with the reconstruction surgeon post surgery today.  They removed her bandages on the breast and back incisions.  According to the surgeon, everything looks good and is progressing as it should.   We were hoping that most of Meredith’s drains would be removed.  Unfortunately three of her drains were still filling more that 20 milliliters of fluid per day.  Based on that only her front left drain was removed.

The following is the actual conversation during drain extraction:

Physician: Ok we are about to take the drain out, it may hurt or burn a little right when it comes out.

Meredith: Ok

Physician: Ok here we go.

[pulls drain out]

Meredith: Mother of God!

Meredith: F*#k

Physician: All done

Fortunately it looks like her right front drain will be ready to come out on Friday.  I’ll try to see if I can get actual audio of that extractions.  Based on the amount of fluid still draining the back two drains won’t come out until sometime mid next week.

In other news Meredith was able to take her first half shower today.  She could stand in the shower and get her lower half wet – just no continuous water on the incisions.  She felt so good afterwards.  It is the little things that make you happy and comfortable.  It may be slower than we like, but she is making steady progress.



  1. Mary Johnson says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Love it! I think you both have a career in writing and/or blogging after this journey…

    Happy to hear the progress is steady!!!! Keep on keepin’ on!!!! Hoping to see Meredith out and about tomorrow 🙂

  2. melissa sean and lydia... says:

    “Mother of god” and F#$@ are my personal 2 favorite stress comments! Sorry forall the ugly stuff, but each day you are gettng better and better I am sure! Hang in there… there is light at the end of the tunnel for sure!!!

  3. Love the play by play. I can only imagine how much better Meredith feels after being able to clean up. Sounds like she is doing so much better. Janis and I are on the dinner run tomorrow night. Let me know if there is anything special Ms. Meredith would like to have.

  4. Andrew Block says:

    Ed – You are seriously killing me with your posts…. I have a feeling that when M is feeling up to it, she is going to throttle you based on the various play by plays.

    Thrilled to hear that all is going well.

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