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Hi to all.  It’s been so long since I have written on my blog.  I miss it really!  What an outlet it  is (or was)!  I am happy to report I have been  busy with everyday life and fortunately don’t have much to report medically!  But as we approach October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, I have some thoughts to pass along.  It’s a month many breast cancer survivors have a tough time with.  Every day there is something pink, an advertisement, just something that reminds you that you had breast cancer.  And other breast cancer survivors get frustrated with the way marketers use the disease to sell products – where it doesn’t make sense.  Look around and you will see what I mean.  Non-cancer survivors may say, shouldn’t you be happy that you are a survivor?  Valid.  But live it.  Live the surprise of the diagnosis, the chemotherapy, the hair loss, the surgery, the removal of the boobs (that tried to kill you), rounds of radiation, and then you may understand.  Me – I have to admit – I am still somewhere in between.  This month doesn’t make me upset, personally.  I think people generally mean well.  However, it does make me reflect on my diagnosis, my treatment, my journey, the fabulous support of my family and friends, the fact that I am a 3 1/2 year survivor, and on the down side, what could (HOPEFULLY NOT) be next.  It also makes me think about way too many friends or acquaintances that I know that have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  It’s ridiculous really…so for that reason….I want to fight and raise money to cure this awful, way too common disease.

I have once again signed up a team to walk the American Cancer Society’s Marking Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday, October 25th at 9:00 a.m. at Centennial Park.  Team Gaile Force will be there in full “force” and I hope you will consider joining us or donating to our team.   I know there are so many organizations out there that raise money for cancer and for breast cancer specifically.  Everyone has their own opinion or favorite organization, and rightfully so.  I personally support the American Cancer Society (ACS) and know the money we raise is used for cancer research.  Most of you know Ed, Gracie and I have a great friend that is in research at ACS.  She has been such a good friend and resource for us throughout this process.  She is so smart and one day I know she will be a part of the team that will figure out the cure for this terrible disease that affects way too many people!  (AP – No pressure!)

I hope you will consider coming out and joining Ed, Gracie and I for this walk.  It’s an easy, fun 3 mile walk around downtown Atlanta.  It’s fun for the the whole family and a great, healthy way to start a Saturday morning.

To join our team or donate, please go here:

Post race, for those that can join, we will meet at Meehan’s in Vinings. More details to follow for those that come out!

Please, please, please join me in raising money for the American Cancer Society and Breast Cancer Research!

Love you all.  Meredith (and Ed and Gracie)







  1. Mary Johnson says:

    The Johnsons will be there, celebrating your 3 1/2 years cancer-free, and supporting a wonderful cause!!!!!

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