Number 5

I am gearing up for chemo round 5 …tomorrow.  Can you believe it’s here already?  The three weeks in between cycles seems to be flying by.  I guess that’s good.  After this cycle, I’ve got ONE more.  Yeah team!  My appointment is early tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.  My oncologist is on vacation so I will go from the lab (where they insert the needle into my port) directly to the chemo room.  Ed is taking me and will stay until I am set up and comfy.  Since it’s so early, I am thinking about going back to sleep when I get there!  We shall see how that goes.

I made my first plastic surgeon consultation today.  Oh boy.  I have two other surgeon names “in network” with our insurance company that I need to set up.  Unfortunately, a few referrals I have received from friends are not “in network.”  So I will start with the three I have and go from there.  I plan to have these appointments all scheduled for the month of July.  Need to get cranking!

Our Stylist

Random thought to pass along:  Strangely my hair seems to be growing.  I am not sure why.  But, it’s kind of scraggly looking.  So, today, while giving Ed a haircut I asked my new stylist (Ed) for a quick trim.  I am happy to report it is back to high and tight.  Of course, our little helper was out there with us.

I am not really looking forward to chemo or rather the side effects.  Of course, I never really look forward to any of them, but especially not this one.  I am wondering if the nausea will return.  We are about to find out.  But, I am going to do what I can to medicate correctly to try to keep it away.    And I am disappointed that it is landing on the 4th of July weekend.  Certainly not ideal, but I have no choice.  I am hoping maybe I can squeeze in a little celebration.

If I am off the radar for a little while, you know where I am!  But I hope to be back to life early-to-mid next week.  Stay tuned for details!  As always, thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts.





  1. melissa nad sean says:

    good luck… and just one more to go..yipee!

  2. Thought about you guys today and wanted you to know ..

  3. Mary Johnson says:

    So glad round 5 is done!!!! As well as some of your consultations! LOVE the pic of Gracie with the scarf!!!!

    As always, the prayers continue….


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