No Place Like Home

We finally got home from the hospital last night.

We were not too sure we would be heading home yesterday or not.  The previous night was a rough one for Meredith.  We are not 100% what the cause was (possibly the narcotics used) but she was extremely itchy.  To the point were the itching discomfort surpassed the pain discomfort.  A lot of the night was spent helping scratch her legs and back to give her some relief.  The nurses began to switch out different pain/antibiotic/muscle relaxer meds to try and find a solution to the itching.  Unfortunately none of the subsequent medicine combinations seemed to do any better.  By the morning time, she developed a headache that was really compounding her pain and making her feel terrible.  At this point we were not very comfortable with the thought of moving her home.  The nurses were giving her as much pain medicine and Tylenol as possible but nothing seemed to cut the headache.  Finally about noon, one of the nurses asked Meredith if she was a coffee drinker.  “But of course” came the reply from Meredith.  The nurse said she had a theory that she may be having a caffeine withdraw which was causing the headache.  She made a cup of coffee and gave it to Meredith to drink.  Sure enough about an hour later her headache had for the most part subsided.  Mental note for those going into major surgery and are coffee drinkers – make sure one of your IV bags has some Dunkin Doughnuts dark roast.

With the headache gone Meredith began to feel much better.  She made several laps around the nursing station.  The itching and pain were still present but all vitals looked great so the plan was to move forward with going home in the evening.

Nice view from Meredith's hospital bed

Before arriving home, we had prepped Gracie that mommy was going to be extremely sore and that she had to be gentle and could not tackle/grab on to mommy.  I am fairly sure that is a similar request to asking the Pope not to pray – however she understood.  When we got home I went in first just to talk with Gracie again and reaffirm she understood the situation.  Then mommy came up – queue the the celebration.  Gracie was was so excited to see mommy and vice versa.  Gracie jumped up in my arms and went nuts hugging and cheering and would then gently lean over to give mommy a smooch.  Gracie has been a wonderful little helper getting mommy pillows and anything else she needs.  We have not shown her mommy’s boo boos or drains as of yet.  We will this weekend, but Gracie really processes things and worries when things are not quite right – so getting her happily through Friday school was important and then we can use the weekend to introduce the drains/boo boos.

Even though there is still much pain/itching and she cannot move around very well- you can tell Meredith is happy to be home.  It is the little things sometimes that make life comfortable – the sounds your house makes that you miss, the comfy sheets on your own bed, the sound of a four year old running around screaming “Mommy is home”.  If you feel better you get better.

Good to be home indeed.


  1. Amy Merrill says:

    How AWESOME to be home!!! Oh the sounds of your little ones just makes your heart soar and you feel better (even if you feel not-so-GI-Jane). Meredith, I continue to be amazed by your progress, where you are today, the journey you’ve been on, and your strength and humor through it all. Ed, you are an incredible husband…just incredible. Praying for you guys.
    Love, Amy

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    I know how wonderful your own bed must feel! So glad you guys are home and the road to recovery has begun!!!!!!

    Continuing many prayers for all of you!

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