New “Do”


Yesterday – on Mother’s Day – I had Ed shave my head.  It was just time.  It was getting really thin, I was finding hair everywhere, and it was just starting to be annoying.  Ed, Gracie and I had been talking about shaving it that day.  Not exactly sure why, but all afternoon Gracie was “on board” asking me, “can we shave your hair now mommy?”  When she gets her mind set on something, she doesn’t stop. So finally about 6:00 p.m. it was time.  Ed, with Gracie’s help, shaved it off on our deck.  Number 2 clippers.  No tears were shed.  We actually laughed.  So, another milestone complete and everyone made it through unscathed.  I have to say, it’s quite liberating and feels good.  It’s not ideal, but necessary. It sort of reminds us of Demi Moore in the movie G.I. Jane or the musician Sinead O’Connor – both wore “buzz” cuts.

So, out come the scarves.  Enjoy the pictures and no bald comments, please – unless they are directed towards Ed.


Scarves for all!


  1. Mary Johnson says:

    You are even beautiful with no hair!!!!! Quite honestly, it really shows off your pretty face!!! I am laughing at the comment about Gracie getting her mind set on something… I know another 4 year old that is exactly the same! Love the pic of the two of you with scarves on 🙂

    Enjoy the extra time getting ready to go somewhere!!! You can probably be out the door in 10 minutes flat!

    I love your constant positive attitude Meredith! It is certainly going a long way to get you through this! As always, we are saying many prayers for you!!!!


  2. You are buff enough to be GI Meredith! The scarfs on you and Gracie look beautiful. I have to bring you my pirate do-rag that I bought in Corsica. It is black so it will probably be for the “more formal evening attire” ;>)

  3. Just in time for summer – just think how nice and cool you’ll be! You look great – fabulous picture of you and Gracie – nice big smiles – you guys are so good and positive – it’s great energy to be surrounded with!!!


  4. You look GREAT, Meredith! We actually have “matching” hair right now! Also, you and Gracie look awesome with the scarves!!!
    Would love to see you if you’re up for a little company? Let me know.

    Keep the faith!

    From one survivor to another…

  5. You never cease to amaze me! From your attitude to your looks, you are beautiful inside and out! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers – TDK

  6. Meredith, you’re gorgeous! All these years you probably thought your blonde hair had something to do with it. Ha! You keep all your beauty in your face. All you need to be a knock out is that smile!! Keep it. You’re doing great.

  7. Ashley from Heyman's! says:

    Mer!! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! What a wonderful, strong beautiful woman you are. I hate I missed the race more than you know, but I was there with you all in spirit and thought of you while trying not get hit by a forklift at work – seriously – a forklift. You’re such a woman, and FAMILY, to be admired. So much love…ash

  8. Pam O'Donnell says:

    I am a high school classmate of your Uncle Chip’s and he directed me to you website. We have much in common, namely the “Big C”, with mine being a little lower! You have chosen a wonderful medium to express your inner feelings and I have enjoyed reading your pages. I particularly found great interest in the first day you joined the “survivor” ranks. I had a similar experience, but have taken the “survivor” word negatively. In my opinion, “survivor” has too much passivity. We that are in this battle are FIGHTERS – activists for life! I am on a crusade to have us all known as fighters and hope you will join me in literally spreading THAT word. I’ve added your name to a global prayer list, will monitor your progress on your beautiful blog as well as getting updates from Uncle Chip. Being loved is our greatest medicine and you are loved deeply by your family.
    Keep punching,
    Pam O’Donnell
    St. Pete, FL

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