More Tests Today

Ed and I were up at the crack of dawn this morning and at the hospital at 7:00 a.m.  Most of you know I am not a morning person.  Never have been, never will be!  It also didn’t help that I think I slept a total of 2 hours the night before.  And I couldn’t have anything to drink or eat until all of the tests were over – so no coffee.

I started the morning in Radiology and received an injection for the bone scan.  By the way, I am radioactive at the moment.  Cool.  Then I moved on to Cardiology for an echo cardiogram.  (It is just like the ultrasound you have when you are pregnant except it’s of your heart).   Then I moved on to have a CT scan where they are checking for cancer cells in all the major organs, and finally back to Radiology for a bone scan.  All of them were painless, just exhausting.

A couple of stories:  (1) I had to drink “contrast” last night in preparation for the CT scan.  I had a choice of flavors and decided on the orange/vanilla flavor.  They told me to put it in a cup, put a straw in it, and pretend it’s a milkshake.  Yeah right.  I will probably never want to drink anything that tastes like orange again!  (2) While waiting for the CT scan, I had to complete some paperwork while waiting in the lobby.  When I was done, Ed took the clipboard up to the woman at the desk for me.  Well, she was behind a sliding glass window.  Ed thought it was open so he reached out and put the clipboard straight into the glass.  It was early and it woke everyone up.  It was hilarious.  (3) When we were done at the hospital, in the car, and about to pull out of the parking lot we noticed a man on his stomach, face down in the middle of the road.  Another man appeared to be down by his head trying to talk with him.  We immediately panicked and talked about what to do.  We were at a hospital with an emergency room for goodness sake.  And then seconds later we realized they were workmen inspecting something.  Phew.  That would have been a terrible ending to our morning at the hospital.

So, now we wait.  And waiting isn’t easy!  Our next appointment with the oncologist is this Friday, April 1st in the morning.  She will have all the test results and share them with us at that time.  We are hoping to hear that everything is contained in my right breast.  Please pray that is the case.  I don’t even want to think about the alternative.  We will also have her recommendation on a specific course of action for me.

Thanks to everyone for the emails, calls, texts, cards, and kind words.  It’s very comforting during this difficult time to know we have so much support.


  1. John Henkel says:

    Meredith/Ed – I’m so sorry to hear this news. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there is anything that we can do to help you. We would be truly happy to watch Gracie for you. Maria is very qualified, I’m marginal at best…

    We will keep you in our prayers.


  2. Hi Sweetie! You are going to beat this! Keep your eye on Next Year! Dad and I are here for you but I guess you already know that. There are a gazillion people out there who are praying for you. You are not in this alone. This too will end!

  3. Pam Carr says:

    D*** Meredith. I hate you have to go through this worry. 2 of my closest friends recently finished treatments and are doing well. You are in my prayers. Your “network” will see you through this. I love you. Pam

  4. Ashley from Heyman's! says:

    Meredith, you’re one of the strongest women I know! Kick some cancer A**!!!! I know you will! I’m here for back up, you know that! I’m pretty fiesty… I love you all so very much

  5. Jacque Maher says:

    Hi Meredith, just found out via an email from Ed. OMG! You will be in our thoughts and prayers and you will beat this. Let us know if you need anything. We will be back in Atlanta in a couple of weeks. Hope to see you then. Take care and I’m sending you a virtual hug from Ireland. Lots of love, Jacque

  6. The cancer obviously didn’t know who it is messing with 🙂 ! Constantly keeping all of you in thoughts and prayers! The Johnson Clan is here at the ready for you to help in any way and support you!


  7. Meredith- I hope it goes without saying that I am here for all three of you for ANYTHING you need. I have to agree with Mary, this cancer definitely didn’t know who it was messing with! I look forward to celebrating years AND years of survivorship with you!

  8. Was definitely sorry to hear the news, but am glad you have the sense of humor to laugh at Ed’s missteps (clipboard episode.) I laughed as well, just to picture it happening to the Gailes at 7AM. Priceless. Please let us know of anything you need, anytime. We have a 5yr old that would love some more company from a best friend!

    • Jason Aldrich says:

      Meredith, Ed and Gracie — Courtney and I are praying for a speedy recovery! Please know the “A” team is here to help…Just say the word! I love your fighting spirit and there is no doubt you will beat this!

  9. Andrew Somoza says:


    You’re in our thoughts and prayers and you will beat this! And when you do, we’re all coming over for one of those fantastic meals I have to see posted by Ed on Facebook each night. Love you and take care.


  10. Marilyn Worthington says:

    When I was sent the e-mail entitled “News from the Gailes” , I could not believe what I was reading and said a very loud “What?” a similar WTF moment as so eloquently spelled out by Ed. You, Ed and Gracie will remain in my thoughts and prayers . Stay strong!


  11. Becky McAvoy says:

    My thoughts, prayers and love are always with you. This is a winning (Charlie Sheen has ruined that word for me) battle, that we will all fight along with you. Anything you need just ask. Lexie and I love you and are here for you. I’m very competitive, I’m ready to kick some cancer butt.

  12. Ashley Buero says:

    Hey Meredith!
    I am in total shock. I can only imagine the gammut of emotions and thoughts that go through your sweet head all in the course of a minute. I want you to know that I believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY you will beat this and inspire people along the way. You are so strong and have such a wonderful outlook and as you know that is half the battle. My stepFATHER has had breast cancer and got treatment out at MD Anderson. He is now coming up on his 10 year anniversary of being cancer free. I love you bunches and would love to meet for coffee sometime soon….

  13. Debbie Laity says:

    Your news made me sick to my stomach – the “C” word is such a nasty one. I have no doubt you are going to kick this! My prayers are with you, Ed, and our sweet little Gracie. You will be in my thoughts tomorrow as you get your test results. Much love!


  14. Charlotte Hudson Trahan says:

    Jessie and I have a long history of only calling each other when we have bad news…so I was holding my breath when she called me the other day and gave me the terrible terrible news. Please know that I am thinking of you and your family as you go through all of this. I love reading your blog and hearing your positive approach to beating the nasty, crappy, yucky “C” word. I KNOW you can do it!!! Lots of good thoughts and love headed your way….Charlotte

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