Hi to all.  I just wanted to let everyone know that I had my follow-up lab appointment yesterday (which happens 7 – 10 days after each round of chemo).  The appointment was fairly quick.  Ed and I checked in; they called me back to the lab; my favorite lab tech took my blood; we waited for the results; and the results were good.  My white blood count is high, which is exactly what they would expect since I get the Neulasta shot post chemo (which increases my white blood cells).  My hemoglobin was also good and where they wanted it to be.  In summary, from what I understand, my body seems to be responding “well” to chemo and the Neulasta shot; and recovers “well” from the overall regiment.  Let’s just hope the “good” news continues!  Sad, but true, Ed and I are becoming quite the pros at this and are into the routine.  Another round done.  On to the next one…

I am feeling good and back to normal, or what I think I will call “my new normal.”  Gracie and I have been back into some sort of a routine the past two days.  I am happy to report I did get a workout in yesterday, which was desperately needed and made me feel much better.

We are off to Florida this morning.  Can’t wait!  I have packed a lot of scarves, hats, and sunscreen.  I’ve got to keep my bald head covered.  Speaking of bald heads, I am still losing my hair (even though I do not have much left).  Officially I have less hair than my husband, which some of you would say is difficult.  We have actually trimmed it again recently with the number one guard just to clean it up.  What hair I do have left is sort of in patches.  But I was thinking today how happy I am I did not get a wig.  While I know it works for many women, it just did not feel right to me.  I now have quite the selection of scarves and am getting into the groove of wearing them.  And it’s interesting.  Where losing my hair was one of the biggest deals in the beginning, it really is not that big of a deal to me now.  It’s way more important to get rid of this cancer for good.  My hair will grow back in time.

Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend!




  1. Meredith—so so happy to hear this news. Thinking of you guys and praying for the best…

  2. Mary Johnson says:

    Awesome news!!!!! So glad everything is working and all is on track!!!!! Love your positive attitude, and you are right about the wig… just think how hot it would be!!!! The scarves are definitely “you”!!!!

    Miss you!


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