Had a Good Weekend

I am happy to report I had a great weekend.  The sun was shining and I felt really good.  I would say I am about 95% back. There still are some weird things going on with my body that would keep me from saying 100%.  But overall I am pleased with where I am today, post the first chemo treatment.

I got to show off my new haircut.  It seems that most people genuinely like it.  Ed and I do too.  I am learning to style it and taking tips from my husband – which is sort of funny.  At one point we were standing in the bathroom both getting ready and I had to ask if I was using the styling “goop” they gave me for my hair in the correct manner.  I wasn’t used to using that type of product with long, straight hair.  Anyway, I’ve learned quickly and am enjoying how easy it is.  I always thought I was “wash and wear” before (since I rarely to never used hair products), but now I truly am “wash and wear”.  It’s so easy and amazing how much time you cut off your getting ready routine!  I will enjoy that for the next couple of weeks. After that, it might even get easier i.e. with no hair.

Tomorrow, I go to the doctor for labwork.  I am not completely sure what to expect, but I know they will be taking blood and analyzing my blood counts/levels.  I think I will get results before I leave the office.  I will have to go in for lab work with every chemo cycle.  So this is the first.  I will let you know what I learn and how it goes.

Top on my list this week is scarves.  I need to see what I need and learn how to tie them, all in preparation for my bald head.  The oncologist estimates my hair will be falling out the beginning of my second chemo treatment cycle – which lands the week after Easter.  I’ve got to get ready for that!


  1. I will start looking for really great scarves.

  2. You’ve always looked fabulous in hats so scares will be no different. Remember our Private Joke: Every man in New York will want to date You! Love You. MOM

  3. Sean Campbell says:


    Just read your last post – I’m glad you are feeling better. The Campbell clan ( Sean, Melissa, Lydia ) are all in agreement – your short hair looks good! Can you convince Lydia to go for a similar look?

    We are going to try and make the walk/run on the 7th.

    Thanks for you posts. Look forward to seeing you guys sometime soon.

  4. Mary Johnson says:

    Long hair, short hair, scarf… you will look great!!! I am thinking the scarf thing could look quite glam!!! Laughing about consulting Ed for the hair goop technique :)!!!

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