Chemo Round 1 Lab Work

I had a doctor’s appointment today.  It was just for lab work (post chemo round 1) so we expected it to be a fairly short appointment.  It was actually the first appointment I have had where we had to wait.  It was annoying actually.  We are busy people with things to do!  Ed and I sat in the waiting room for 1 hour before they even called me back.  I went straight to the lab where it didn’t appear too busy.  Not sure what happened there.  “My girl” was out sick i.e. the one I mentioned in a previous post that dropped the expensive shot.  Good news:  I learned she wasn’t fired.  Bad news:  She wasn’t in today so the lab was running inefficiently.  So I asked the woman filling in for her if she was going to take blood through my port.  She said she could, but it might be easier to take it from my arm.  No problem.  So she got ready and inserted the needle into my left arm.  No luck.  While she moved the needle around trying to find a vein (fun), I suggested she try my right arm where I could see what appeared to be a plump looking vein.  Out the needle came and we re-grouped.  Then she inserted the needle in my right arm.  Success!  Then Ed and I had  to wait for the results which she assured me would only take 5-10 minutes.  We impatiently waited.  My oncologist’s nurse (who we really like) came out and shared that my blood work looked good.  My white cell count was good, my hemoglobin was good, and something else I can’t quite recall was good too.  So we were “free” to go.  I did ask, “What if they weren’t good?”  She said that if my white cell count was low, they would have prescribed an antibiotic because I would have been at high risk for infection, and if my hemoglobin was low, I would have had to get a blood transfusion.  Neither one of those sound appealing, especially the later, so I am glad my report was good!  Here’s hoping for positive lab results after each and every chemo treatment!  Round 1 is officially over…I guess.  I am expecting that I will remain in good shape until we do this all over again.  For those keeping track, my next chemo round has officially been scheduled for next Wednesday, April 27th.

On another note, many of you know Ed is a tech dork and very interested in social media i.e Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, etc.  He is addicted to Foursquare and has gotten me into a habit of “checking in” when we go places. Restaurants, coffee shops, bookstores, etc.  How about Georgia Cancer Specialists?  Strangely, I did check in each day during my first chemo round a couple of weeks ago.  Surprisingly, I am not the only one checking in via Foursquare.  Well today, I checked in.  And, guess what?  I am now the “Mayor” of Georgia Cancer Specialist.  Ha.  I am pretty sure that is nothing to be proud of, but it does make me laugh in a weird sort of way.



  1. Mary Johnson says:

    So happy your blood had a positive result!!!! Praying that will be the case each time!!!! Round 1, done! I am convinced your positive attitude will carry you through each subsequent treatment until you beat this dang thing!!!! Kick some more cancer butt, Mere!!! Continuing the prayers and so glad you are feeling well!!!!

  2. Silvia Burgoon says:

    Excellent news Meredith!

  3. Hi Meredith!!! Wow, I don’t know what to say, except that you and your family are in my thoughts. I heard the news from Christel – even out in California she is still “in the know.” I have read through all of your posts and I amazed at your strength and positive attitude, which is why you are getting such good news (it’s all relative right?) at each visit. I know you are probably sick of hearing about everyone else’s stories, but I wanted to share a quick, positive tidbit with you… my uncle was diagnosed with cancer last summer and, like you, immediately chose to fight it hard. Long story short is, less than a year later, just yesterday, after his scan he was told that wonderful news that he was 100% cancer free! I chalk it up to his can-do positive attitude, just like yours!! Keep it up Meredith, you will get through this short chapter in your life and you will hear that news too very soon!!! Glenn and I think about you and Ed often (side note: Glenn is a HUGE fan of four squares and becomes the “Mayor” of the most random places!). Take care!! Be strong! – Jill

  4. Kenny Whitaker says:

    Great news Mayor Meredith!! Keep moving forward and do what I do every morning; when you look in the mirror say…….” lookin’ good, feelin’ good! ”
    You’re a Rock Star!!


  5. You bumped me out of mayorship????? 🙂 Call me sometime. Let’s talk. Thinking of you.

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