Chemo Day

Reporting live from the chemo room

Today I was back in the “chemo room.”  The day started a little earlier than yesterday.  Ed, Gracie, my mom and I piled into the car.  Ed dropped me and my mom off at the doctor’s office, and then off he went with Gracie to the zoo.

We checked in, were quickly called back to the lab room where they inserted the needle into my port, and off we went to secure my recliner in the chemo room.  The name of the nurse I was assigned to was Meredith.  Perfect.  The day was starting out good.  The room was pretty empty compared to yesterday.  Maybe 8 – 10 people total.  I was definitely the youngest person in the room today (yesterday there was one other woman pretty close to my age, give or take a few years).  They started by dripping in three bags (one-by-one) of pre-chemo anti-nausea medicines.  Once those were done, the chemo drugs followed:  one bag of  Taxotere and one bag of Carboplatin.  Both “cocktails” (chemo speak, I’m learning) were clear liquid.  When you look around the room you notice that other cocktails are different colors.  As you can imagine, people in the chemo room are being treated for all different types of cancers and have different chemo regiments.  Anyway, just something I noticed.  We arrived at 9:00 a.m. and were leaving the office around 1:00 p.m.  So, it was about a 4 hour appointment.  Like yesterday, the time went by fairly quickly.  Mom and I were well equipped with magazines, catalogs, and plenty to talk about.  We took a couple of pictures today we thought we would share.  No laughing aloud!  And then, our chauffeurs (Ed and Gracie) arrived to pick us up after a fun morning at the zoo followed by a lunch date.

Deluxe Accomodations

So, it was fairly uneventful actually.  Now we are all just waiting to see what side effects rear their ugly heads.  I guess I am hopeful I will make it through this treatment cycle fairly unscathed.  Time will tell.  I am tired tonight, but honestly, I think it is more from just being worn out than the chemo drugs.

Ed and I go back tomorrow for a 1:00 appointment.  It should be fairly brief  – we hope.  They are giving me a shot of Neulasta which is used to stimulate the growth of “healthy” white blood cells in the bone marrow.  White blood cells help the body to fight infection.

As always, thank you all for your support!  I can’t say it enough really.  We are just so overwhelmed with the support.  We appreciate every single bit!


  1. Mary Johnson says:

    You even manage to look GREAT while getting chemo!!!!! You really are amazing! Love the deluxe accommodations picture! Wish I could go with you next time, I’d be giving you a mani/pedi in that chair, LOL!!!!! As always, continuing prayers for all of you and praying for a good weekend!!!!! Call if you need us, we will be here!!!!


  2. I agree with Ed & Mary, great picture of one tough cookie! Hope you’ve caught up on all your smut and are enjoying your weekend. You have continued to stay in our thoughts and prayers. Hope your week has been manageable. Round 1 done!

  3. Amy Merrill says:

    Mer, We are praying for you during this wholenthung. You are amazing and have such a contagious positive attitude and humor. You are SO loved, and we all want to help in any way we can. Please please let us know!!!! Round 1 done, only 5 more!!

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