Atlanta Komen Walk

These shoes were made for walking!

The Atlanta 3-Day Komen Walk was in Atlanta this past weekend.  What an amazing, well coordinated event.  This particular event reported raising $6.5 million.  Thanks to all of you that donated!  And a BIG thank you to my three college girlfriends that got out there and walked 60 miles (20 per day).  I am humbled and honored that they were out there for me – and others that they know that have battled this awful disease.

Ed, Gracie, and I were able to meet up with the girls briefly on Saturday on the tail end of their walk.  They looked great, had smiles on their faces, and honestly looked like they could walk 20 more miles that day.  Then we joined them at the closing ceremony at Turner Field.  Wow.  What an emotional event.  Lots of walkers.  Lots of pink.  Lots of supporters.  I worked hard to keep the tears at a minimum.  It’s really overwhelming for someone like me currently battling breast cancer.

I wanted to share some of the pictures from the event.  And you can also get the first glimpse of me without a scarf. Saturday was the day I decided it was time.  I was ready to unleash the short hair.  And it is short, but growing.

Click here to enjoy the pictures…

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