Appointment Overload

It was a busy week with a lot of doctor’s appointments!  But we did it!  Here’s how it all went….

Tuesday I had an appointment with the Breast Care Specialist or Surgeon.  It was a long appointment.  We arrived at 9:00 a.m. and didn’t leave there until 1:00 p.m.  But Ed and I would both say it was a productive visit.  We definitely feel like things are coming together as we approach surgery.  I had an ultrasound fairly quickly upon arrival and then we waited to meet with the doctor.  In this office, I am in a separate waiting room with a bunch of women in robes.  Ed has to wait out in the main waiting area with the other men.  And, why does there always have to be that one person that thinks everyone wants to be a part of their conversation?  It is typically a very quiet, peaceful environment.  But not that particular day.  There was one woman that talked so loud.  Surprisingly, she actually found someone that was willing to have a conversation with her.  The rest of us in the waiting area heard all about her breast cancer diagnosis and then the conversation moved into religion, specifically Catholicism.  It was awful.  Finally another woman in the waiting room stood up and walked over there and asked the women to please keep their voices down.  They did briefly and then the volume went right back up.  Anyway, I digress….Ed and I did finally get called back to see the doctor, had a productive conversation around surgery, and viewed the ultrasound with her and can see a difference in the images from the day I was diagnosed until today.  We still don’t have any specific numbers or measurements, but can definitely see a change.  That’s good news.  Since I have decided on a double mastectomy, the surgeon asked me to do a mammogram on the “good” breast before we left the office.  She wanted to have updated pictures before going into surgery.  Check.  Next time I will see this doctor is in surgery!

Wednesday was final chemo treatment and visit with the Oncologist.  We met with the doctor first.  Good news.  My echo cardiogram results came back fine.  All is well with my heart.  Phew.  Wouldn’t that be terrible.  Good news, the chemo is working to fight the cancer cells.  Bad news, your heart isn’t handling your treatment very well.  Thank goodness that’s not a problem.  My final chemo treatment went as expected.  The chemo room was full of people, some familiar faces and some new faces.  The nurses were excited for me and announced that it was my last round of chemo.  One of them told me the Chippendale’s would show up at the end.  Do they still exist?  I did consider running around the nurses station handing out high fives to everyone when I left, but chose to quietly say my good-byes and exit.  Sadly, I will still be back in the “chemo room” every 3 weeks through March/April 2012 – not for chemo but to get Herceptin.  Ironically there was a breast cancer survivor that sat next to me that was there receiving her last round of Herceptin.  The nurses were celebrating with her too!  I am sure I will talk more about Herceptin later, but it’s a good thing, will help reduce the chance of recurrence, is a much quicker appointment, and does not have the same nasty side effects as chemo.  It’s a necessary part of my overall treatment plan.

Thursday we were back to Georgia Cancer Specialists for the final Neulasta shot.  Yeah!  It was an uneventful appointment.  We were in and out.  That afternoon was low key.  Friday morning is when it all really started to set in.  Like the last chemo round, I chose to pro-actively take anti-nausea pills and pain meds; and sleeping medicine at night.  It seemed to work fairly well and as planned.  Saturday I slept a lot.  Sunday I seemed to be coming back.

How am I feeling now?  I’m O.K.  I would have thought it would have all been over today – it’s Monday.  But this morning, I woke up feeling achy.  And I have had moments today where I felt nauseous.  But I am thinking after a good nights rest, tomorrow will be a new day and I will be back to “normal”….I hope!

Oh, and by the way, the worst part is we woke up Friday morning with a sick child.  Really?  Perfect for the mother with a weak immune system.  Oh well, what are you going to do?  Happy to say it was a 24 hour bug and now all GKG has left are cold symptoms.

I haven’t quite declared this 6th and final chemo round over yet.  But we are a day or two away!  Then we can officially move on and focus on surgery.  Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, balloons, cards, dinners, prayers…we couldn’t do this without such a great support system.  Really, we couldn’t!



  1. I am so happy that you are almost done with all of this. There is a 24 hour bug going around. Nelson got it and he doesn’t get anything. So, I am glad that you didn’t get it. It sounds like you have narrowed down the surgeon? Are you doing reconstruction at the same time? Denise is the friend of Nelsons in Dallas that just went through a double MS and then I believe reconstruction. I mentioned her to you before. If you want to talk, and she would love to provide insight just let me know if you are interested and I will pass along contact data.
    Praying for you!

  2. Yeah, no more chemo!!!!!!


  3. Hi Meredith, You don’t know me, but my best friend send me your website to read. Like you, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer within the past 3 months. I am a 40 year old mom with 3 kids under the age of 11 and have no past history of breast cancer in my family. I am trying to come to terms with all this and reading your story is a great start to my journey ahead. I am a little opposite with the journey b/c I just had a mastectomy on my left breast last week and just found out yesterday that it has spread to my lymph nodes. Now I have to get the CT and Bone scans next week to see if it is anywhere else. I have not received good news yet so I am still expecting the worse and hoping for the best. Will need to do chemo soon as well once we get back the test results. I just wanted to tell you my story since you are amazing to be able to share yours. Best of luck to you.


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