Another Treatment Down

On Wednesday I had my every 3 week Herceptin treatment.  I dropped Gracie off at school and headed to my appointment.  I didn’t have to meet with the Oncologist that particular morning so I expected it to be a fairly straight forward appointment, which it ended up being.  I was called back to the lab by my favorite Lab Tech (really she’s awesome).  She inserted the needle to access my port.  That was done and then she walked me back to the infusion or chemo room.  I was in Meredith’s section – a nurse who has been there since I started this a year ago April.  Always a good sign when we share the same name, right?  This particular morning it was very quiet in the infusion room i.e. not a lot of activity and not a lot of drama.  I was greeted by the volunteer that is there on Wednesday’s (whom I’ve gotten to know) with a nice, warm blanket.

I do feel like in so many ways I am a “graduating senior”.  I remember when I was having one of my earlier chemo treatments, I met a breast cancer survivor in the infusion room.  She was a couple of chairs down from me and was there for her last Herceptin treatment.  We had such a nice conversation.  At the time, where she was in her treatment seemed so far away to me.  I am almost there now.

My hair is continuing to grow.  It appears to be much thicker than it used to be and it seems like it might have a little more body to it.  Is it going to be curly?  I don’t know.  The jury is still out.  While I am happy to have hair, it still doesn’t feel like my hair.  It’s still quite weird.  I look at pictures of myself with hair (taken not that long ago) and it’s hard to remember.  My nails are still a mess.  “Chemo nails” is a real thing.  I am just trying to keep them short and painted.  At some point I am sure they will be back to “normal.”  Maybe.  The effects of chemo are really, really awful.  There is just no doubt about that!  We only hope it does what it is supposed to do!

For those following and keeping track, I have two more Herceptin treatments left; one in March and one in April.  And then I will have surgery the end of April.  That will be a big milestone for me.  But before we get there we have  a couple of key dates:  (1) next week I meet with my OB/GYN.  He is the one that found the tumor in a routine breast exam and ultimately saved my life.  (2)  March 15th.  That’s the day (one year ago) I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It’s a day I will never forget and one I can relive very vividly in my mind.  Some emotional days ahead.

But this week, I don’t have any doctor’s appointment.  That’s a big deal.  Yeah for me!

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