Alive and Well

I am officially declaring chemo round 3 over!  I am back amongst the living and am overdue for an update.  So, here we go…

The day after chemo, I went in for the Neulasta shot and a visit with the oncologist.  Good news.  The tumor continues to shrink!  While she hesitated to give me a specific number, she was confident in telling me it was smaller than the previous time she measured.  That’s great news and reassuring to me that all of this “stuff” I…or we…are going through is worth it and working.

The weekend was rough.  The bone pain was there but not as bad as the first go around.  I think I have figured out how to medicate for a couple of days to keep the pain to a minimum.  The fatigue is strong though.  I think I slept most of the weekend.  Tuesday was probably my first good day.  And today was even a little better.  So, from here I should improve with each day.

What’s next?  I have a lab appointment this Friday.  From there Ed, Gracie and I go on a much needed week vacation to Florida.  When we get back I have an appointment with the Breast Care Specialist where I am scheduled for an ultrasound and a visit with the doctor.  The ultrasound will be the first since my diagnosis and should give us a more specific look at the tumor.  We should also start conversations regarding surgery.  Two days after that appointment I am back in for chemo round 4…and we do this all over again.  Is it just me or does this three week period seem to be getting shorter?  Good in a way, I guess…

Will stay in touch.  Thanks for all of the kind words, thoughts, and prayers!







  1. So glad to hear the tumor is shrinking. This is great!! Enjoy your time with the family in Florida.

  2. Have a great time if Florida!! You deserve the break…isn’t that an understatement!!

  3. Mary Johnson says:

    So glad the tumor continues to shrink!!!!! Such great news!!!!! I know you are enjoying Pensacola… a much needed reprieve… see you when you get back!!!!

    As always, we continue the prayers!!!!


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