24 down. 4 to go!

I am so close to being done with radiation!  It’s hard for me to believe that I have made it through 24 treatments and only have 4 to go.  Tomorrow morning will be a huge milestone.  My last full week of radiation.  I will have a nice break for Christmas.  They are closed on the 26th.  So I will be back for the 27th, 28th, and then my FINAL treatment on the 29th.  I cannot wait!  Some moments I think…”I can do this.”  Other moments I think, “Oh, I don’t want to do this anymore!”  But I know now that I am so, so close.  Honestly, unless you have been through this, you have no idea how ready I am to close this chapter of my journey!  An appointment every single day is a lot!

I’ve already scheduled my follow-up, post radiation appointment, with my plastic surgeon in the first full week of January.  I’m ready to move forward!  As a reminder, he has told me that we have to wait 3 to 6 months post radiation to remove my expanders and replace them with the implants.  He wants to be able to see the full effect of radiation before we do this “final” surgery.  That makes sense.

Side effects:  I am seeing quite a “sunburn” on my right breast.  Still lubing up with Aquaphor each night.  While my skin is red, it’s not anything I can’t handle.  I’ve had worse sunburns from trips to Florida.  Although,  the doctor says the treatments compound and I might see continued side effects weeks post radiation.  Will be interesting to see what happens.  I am feeling tired towards the end of the day, but still can’t pinpoint it to radiation.  Maybe in some ways it is related, but also think it has to do with the crazy holiday season and the fact that I have a busy 4 1/2 year old!  Personally, I think once you go through “chemo fatigue” nothing is worse.

I did have a  really cool thing happen last week.  I was on my way to a radiation treatment when I got a call from Georgia Cancer Specialists – my Oncology Group – on my cell phone (I have them programmed in.)  I was just in there for my every 3 week Herceptin treatment and re-arranged some upcoming appointments, so I assumed the call was related to that.  I answered but wasn’t exactly familiar with the woman on the phone.  She asked me if I was in the area.  I said I was and was actually on my way to a radiation treatment.  She asked me where I did radiation.  I said at Radiation Oncology at St. Joseph’s.  She said something like, “Well since we are not going to see you until after Christmas, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas.”  Thank you, I said.  But I’m a little confused, is there something specific you needed from me or called me for?  “No, just wanted to wish you a happy holiday.”  A little confused and trying to figure out what that call was all about, I pulled into the parking deck of my Radiation Oncology group.  I headed in to the office and checked in as I always do. I sat down waiting to be called back when in walked a good friend and sorority sister of mine from college.  What a surprise!  She was behind the “strange” call I received.  She is a faithful reader of my blog and assumed my radiation treatments took place at Georgia Cancer Specialists.  Good assumption but she found out they outsource radiation treatments to another specialty practice around the corner.  Anyway, she said she thought I needed a nice surprise and pick me up. Boy was she right!  I was called back for my treatment and she waited for me in the lobby.  When I was done, we spent some time catching up.  That was such a surprise and very much appreciated!  So, thank you!

All of you continue to help me through this!  I have so, so many people to thank.  You know who you are!  So…Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!


  1. Baby, you can do this: it’s almost over, well at least til the next herceptin! But that too will be done soon. Sounds like a trip to Pensacola is due…spend a little family time …just the 3 of you. You deserve it!

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