1 Radiation Treatment Left!

So tomorrow (Thursday, 12/29) will be my last radiation treatment.  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  After tomorrow morning, I can officially say 28 down, 0 to go!  Early on I never thought I would make it through 28 treatments.  But I did it.

At my appointment this morning, the nurse called me a “short timer.”  I told the Radiation Techs – who I have grown to enjoy every morning – not to take this personally but I can’t wait to not see them every morning.  So, what should I wear tomorrow?  A cap and gown?  I feel like I am graduating.  Do you think I will cry?  Or will I run out of there with a smile on my face?  It’s all sort of surreal, to be honest.

I still look like I have a mild sunburn on my right breast, although have recently been told by the Radiation Oncologist and the Radiation Techs that my skin looks good.  It sounds like they think I am holding up well against the radiation treatment.  That’s good news.

Next steps:  I’ve been told I have to schedule a follow-up appointment with the Radiation Oncologist 6 weeks post radiation.  It sounds like it’s a quick exam of my skin.  I will get that appointment on the books tomorrow before I leave their office.

After my appointment in the morning, Ed, Gracie and I (and the cats) will be driving to Pensacola, FL where we will ring in the new year!  Here’s to 2012!  Wishing everyone a happy and HEALTHY new year!



  1. Lisa McIlvoy (Millen) says:

    Yay Meredith!!! I am so happy for you. I am sure you are ready to leave 2011 behind you. All the best to you in the coming year! Cheers!!!


  2. You have been so brave! You are my hero. MOM

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